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10 ways Coffee Wagera helps build a better Pakistan!

By March 23, 2020May 9th, 2024No Comments

Few things we do at Coffee Wagera that help make Pakistan better, directly or indirectly:

    1. Clean city: We do that by keeping even the outside of our outlets as clean as possible, and by many zero-waste initiatives: no plastic bottles, no soft drink cans, discouraging the use of disposables.
    2. Supporting local businesses: We use locally roasted coffee beans instead of imported; locally made chocolate powder, chocolate syrup and coffee flavors instead of imported.
    3. Women Empowerment: Most of our snacks are made and supplied by female home chefs, thus helping female entrepreneurs.
    4. Entrepreneurship: We provide low-cost franchise opportunities to young entrepreneurs. And also almost-zero-cost workspace for startups.
    5. Jobs for transgenders: There’s a 2-week free training program for transgenders at every outlet. Upon successful completion of the training, they have at least a part-time job guaranteed.
    6. Supporting people with special needs: We have a braille menu for the visually impaired. We also learn sign language to communicate with people who have hearing/speaking challenge.
    7. Collaboration instead of competition: We work with other cafes and small businesses to support each other with products and promotion, instead of competing with them.
    8. Building coffee culture: We educate people about coffee – types of coffees, instant vs. fresh coffee, making good coffee at home – through our education and training programs, thus paving way for more local cafes.
    9. Following the laws: We follow the law and encourage all our team members and suppliers to do the same.
    10. Spreading cheer and positivity: Our team goes through a special happiness training program, which makes them focus on the good things, be more grateful, be happy with themselves and their jobs. And they are able to pass on that cheer and positivity to every customer that walks into Coffee Wagera!

At Coffee Wagera, we believe in doing what we can, with what we have. Being a force for good, and an inspiration for others.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Written by Mush Panjwani, the founder and Chief Happiness Officer

Coffee Wagera

Mush is the Founder of Coffee Wagara. He has been a sales, marketing, and training expert for over 35 years; he has worked with corporates, leaders, and entrepreneurs in 20 countries. Mush is also the author of Dhinchak Life, a book about living a fantastic life!