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eStore Notes:

The CW-eStore is more of a community initiative to raise awareness for freshly roasted coffee, to promote local roasters, and make their amazing beans available across Pakistan. Please note:

  • The only payment option available right now is through bank transfer.
  • Please select the roaster/blend. Then select beans or ground. If beans, you can select dark, medium, or light roast. If ground, you can select coarse, medium, or fine.
  • There’s a grind chart based on your method of brewing.
  • To ensure that we do not miss any orders due to website/notification issues, we request that you send the bank transfer image through whatsapp to our store manager: Arshad Ali at +923023873424 after completing your order.
  • The WhatsApp message will also ensure personalized communication on any issues, and facilitate future orders.
  • You can expect to hear back from Arshad within 24hr about the status of our order, or any issues.
  • You may choose to pick up your order from Coffee Wagera outlet in Clifton to avoid delivery charges.
  • Our outlets do not sell coffee beans or eStore products yet.

Please also check the CW Gift Card and the Take Away Mug, two awesome gift ideas.
Thank you!