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Coffee Wagera – Foundation Barista Skills: Batch#3

The Foundation Barista Skills by Coffee Wagera Academy has been a popular program with at least one session happening every month! 

It’s a 10-hour program spread over five days and includes:

Day 1
Intro by Mush Panjwani:
-History of Coffee
-Bean to Cup steps
-Instant vs Brewed Coffee
-Commercial vs home brewed
-Six basic variations

Day 2
Barista Skills Theory by Mehwish Asad:
-Types of beans
-Roasting profiles
-Parts of the machine
-Dialing a shot
-Barista routine

Day 3-5
Practical training by Nabeel Rizvi:
-Espresso shot
-Milk frothing for cappuccino
-Perfecting a cappuccino

And there’s a Certificate of Completion on the last day.

The trainers include:

Mush Panjwani, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer
Mehwish Asad, Certified Barista and Co-owner of CW-Maskan
Nabeel Rizvi, Experienced Barista and Manager of CW-5star

One of the students in this batch was Mahwish Aziz, the owner of Sugaries Bakery. She is planning to start offering coffees at the bakery, and found this training extremely useful!

This program is good for coffee lovers who want to set up a coffee station at home, for people who want to get jobs as a barista, for students who would like to get part-time jobs at coffee shops when they go abroad for higher education, and for anyone else interested to learn new things.

The total investment for the 5-day program is only Rs.10k each. To find out about the next session, just message through our Facebook page.

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