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CW Maskan: Awesome results; Great Team; Fantastic Suppliers!

By September 25, 2019May 9th, 2024No Comments

Coffee Wagera Maskan just completed 10 days of operation, and the response has been nothing short of spectacular…

  • Been serving an average of 400 people per day – way beyond our most aggressive target!
  • Over 2000 page likes/followers, of our new Maskan page, without any ads!
  • 4.6/5 rating based on 27 reviews on the page. 4.8/5 rating based on 19 reviews on Google. None from family or friends!
  • Almost a 100 positive messages through whatsapp and Insta stories!

The owners of Maskan franchise, Mehwish and Asad, have proved to be the perfect partners, replicating the CW model, customer service standards, and spreading the same cheer and positive vibes!

The manager, Ahmed, and his team have managed to work under extreme pressures and continue to do well!

But this post is about our suppliers who are also doing an amazing job, managing 2-3 times the quantities and dealing with delivery issues, since many of them are closer to Badar. Extremely happy to introduce our current suppliers:

  1. Sonya Khushi and Vijanti Perwani are the women behind Khushi in a Box, the supplier of our popular brownies. Their current clients include Steaks by CFU; you can also find their cupcakes at Agha’s Supermarket. We share “the same standards of customer happiness, and many innovative and engaging ideas.”
  2. Zahra Bandukwala of Boulanger supplies the Auser, a Bohra dessert introduced to public by CW. “Coffee Wagera is one of its kind who encourages and supports female entrepreneur and gives them a platform to sell their products, enhance their skills and earn a livelihood.”
  3. Bilquees Pirzada of A la Cakes supplies our Banana Honey Cake. This scrumptious delight is popular not only among health freaks but also people of all ages. “CW always inspires us with their ideas of spreading joy and their support to women empowerment and home chefs.”
  4. Sana Ibrahim of GotBaked? is the lady behind those awesome cookies. Gotbaked? Is an amalgamation of the ordinary and extraordinary – simple ingredients packing a punch and a distinct but unmistakable aroma. “Working with CW was my best decision ever mainly due to the unmatched spirit of the owner and his team.”
  5. Our Butter Croissants from Coco9 Cafe, Patisserie Boulangerie and Chocolaterie. Their talented bakers and chefs create food that is not only beautiful, but also delicious. “CW is all about love and community….they make everyone’s day brighter and better with a cup full of positivity, love, and of course caffeine, hence we love working with Mush and his team!
  6. The lady who makes the beef, chicken and omelette fillings for our toasties and croissants is an under-cover operation. She is a single mom and who has struggled hard and has finally found a steady source of income since becoming a supplier for CW!
  7. Our coffee beans come from RAAZ life, perhaps the only roasters in Karachi that roasts specialty graded beans for freshness and flavour right here in Pakistan.
  8. We have recently switched to locally made, mostly organic, flavors for our coffee which are made by the super talented Fouzia Siddiquie of FLOC!

We are extremely grateful for their consistent quality, reasonable pricing and excellent customer service, and hope to continue with them for our upcoming franchises in North and PECHS!

Mush Panjwani

Mush is the Founder of Coffee Wagara. He has been a sales, marketing, and training expert for over 35 years; he has worked with corporates, leaders, and entrepreneurs in 20 countries. Mush is also the author of Dhinchak Life, a book about living a fantastic life!