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The CW-eStore is more of a community initiative to raise awareness for freshly roasted coffee, to promote local roasters, and make their amazing beans available across Pakistan. Please note:

  1. The only payment option available right now is through a debit/credit card. No bank transfer or cash on delivery.
  2. Please select the roaster/blend. Then select beans or ground. If beans, you can select dark, medium, or light roast. If ground, you can select coarse, medium, or fine.
  3. There’s a grind chart based on your method of brewing.
  4. To ensure that we do not miss any orders due to website/notification issues, we request that you send a WhatsApp to our Store Manager: Arshad Ali at +923023873424 after completing your order.
  5. The WhatsApp message will also ensure personalized communication on any issues, and facilitate future orders.
  6. You can expect to hear back from Arshad within 24hr about the status of our order, or any issues.
  7. You may choose to pick up your order from Coffee Wagera outlet in Clifton to avoid delivery charges.
  8. Our outlets do not sell coffee beans or eStore products yet.

Please also check the CW Gift Card and the Take Away Mug, two awesome gift ideas.
Thank you!