French Press by Rethink


The French Press, aka, the Plunger is known to be the most economical, easy and fastest method of brewing. It is also the most commonly used brewer around the world.

While remaining authentic to manual brewing, the French Press does not require too many technical skills to obtain your desired cup of Coffee.

Product Description:

  • Make great and smooth Coffee without paper filters!
  • Very easy to use and cleaning is a cinch!
  • Heat resistant with plastic protection
  • Stainless Steel Filter construction (do not microwave!)
  • It is a portable size (350ml)

Tip: Use the French Press in combination with the Moka Pot to make Cappuccinos. (Frothed Milk + Espresso = Cappuccino). The French Press is an excellent and economical tool to make frothed milk.

Note: Dry the French Press filter after washing. 

Shipped within 5-6 days


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