Code Green: Reusable Straws – Steel


Straw material: Stainless Steel 10mm

Why ditch plastic straws?

  •  The turtles (remember that video where the adorable turtle had a straw stuck in it and literally bled while some amazing people tried to extract it?).
  • To save the fish & birds & other animals from choking to death / filling their tummies with plastic.
  • They don’t disappear. Every straw you’ve used has either been burnt (SO bad for the planet) or is still in some landfill / burrowed in the soil / polluting our beautiful water-bodies.
  • Some reports revealed they typically contain BPA (which have been linked to an increased risk of cancer + a horde of other problems).


  • The reusable steel straws also commonly called metal straws, are straight (without any bends)