What’s so special about Coffee Wagera?

What’s so special about Coffee Wagera?

10 things that are different about Coffee Wagera, compared to most other coffee shops in Karachi:

1. It’s not a restaurant, where you also get coffee. It’s a coffee shop where you also get some fresh juices and homemade snacks.

2. High-speed and reliable wifi; free coffee if wifi doesn’t work 🙂 

3. Drinking water is free; just check in on Facebook.

4. Coffee Wagera has a work bench with individual power/USB sockets.

5. There’s a good selection of music which will change regularly.

6. Coffee Wagera Loyalty Card helps you earn free drinks from day one.

7. All snacks are hygienic and homemade, supporting women entrepreneurs. 

8. Coffee Wagera supports Special Olympics of Pakistan

9. Prices are ridiculously low, with a launch discount of 20% during 1-15 April!

10. Coffee Wagera aims to provide low-cost franchise opportunities to young entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

Do you like what you are reading? Come over to the launch party on Sunday 1st April at 5pm, meet the Coffee Wagera team and try some coffee. 

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