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Workspace at Coffee Wagera

We provide free workspace for our customers at all dine-in locations of Coffee Wagera, across all five cities. This includes:

A workbench with limited space, and a comfortable chair

Individual power and USB sockets

2-3 wifi connections; high speed not guaranteed

Generator for power back-up

Free drinking water

Unlimited stay

Prayer mat, if you can find an empty corner

Use of a clean toilet

This is only viable, when customers respect and follow the guidelines:


  1. Please place the order before you connect your laptop/phone and start working. You can tell us to serve whenever you wish.
  2. The minimum spending is currently Rs.500 +GST per person, per visit. This is after any ongoing discounts e.g. if you wish to claim 10% student discount, you will need to spend Rs.555, so the minimum comes to Rs.500 after the 10% discount.
  3. You do not have to eat or drink anything, but you need to do the minimum spending. So you may order and pack two cookies for takeaway.
  4. If you go out, please pack up all your stuff and take with you. If you leave them behind, we’ll have to pack and remove it. Please do not ask our staff to keep any of your belongings. The minimum spending will apply if you come back for a second visit.
  5. The only exception to #4 is when you take a short smoking break right outside the cafe.
  6. Please consume your food and beverages at your workspace; we cannot provide additional tables for meal breaks.
  7. When your friends or colleagues come to meet you, please ask them to order first.
  8. We may not be able to allow an individual laptop user to occupy the regular tables, which are made for groups of 3-5 customers.

For any clarification, questions, feedback or complaints, please whatsapp on the number provided on the receipt.

Thank you!