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Jobs, Internships, Training wagera


We are an equal opportunities workplace

We hire:

  • males, females, transgender people
  • any age, 18-80
  • any religion, caste, community
  • with or without tattoos

Jobs at Coffee Wagera

  • Helper: cleaning, dish-washing, helping with snacks/beverages
  • Barista: making beverages and preparing snacks... also handling helper's job whenever required
  • Supervisor: facing customers, taking orders, handling POS system, quality control, customer service/feedback, ordering supplies, managing the team... also handing barista's job whenever required
  • Manager: Same as supervisor plus hiring, training, implementation of all CW standards and guidelines

Job conditions and benefits

  • 9-hour shifts. 8am to 5pm or 4pm to 1am. One week morning, one week evening.
  • Minimal income from tips, due to self-service
  • You would usually leave 15 minutes earlier
  • Salary always paid latest by 5th of every month
  • Ongoing training to help you move to the next level
  • Lot of respect and appreciation
  • Monthly salary range, depending on years of experience: Helper 16-18k, Barista 20-22k, Supervisor 22-24k, Manager 28-32k

Currently Hiring / last updated: 15 Feb 2020

  • CW-5star (immediate): 2 Helpers, 1 Barista
  • CW-Clifton (immediately): 1 Manager, 2 Helpers
  • CW-Badar (immediately): 1 Barista
  • CW-Jauhar (from 1st Mar): 1 Manager, 1 Supervisor, 2 Baristas, 2 Helpers

How to apply

Message through our Facebook page through the button below, with:

  • your actual full name
  • your phone number
  • position/outlet applying for
  • 2-4 lines about relevant experience
  • expected salary
  • availability (immediate or otherwise)