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30 things that make Coffee Wagera unique, special, interesting…

By December 28, 2018May 9th, 2024No Comments

I can bet most of you didn’t know at least half the stuff. Even we didn’t realize we have done so much and evolved so much in just eight months!

  1. Coffee Wagera is a ‘pure’ coffeeshop with no kitchen, cooking or elaborate food menu. So the focus is on great coffee and ready-to-serve snacks.
  2. The small space, limited staff, self service, no valet… are all part of the low-cost model that allows for low prices. Most coffees and snacks start at Rs.200 each!
  3. Most savories and desserts at Coffee Wagera are homemade by female chefs. That’s how we support women empowerment and entrepreneurship.
  4. Coffee Wagera also supports women home chefs by giving them free space to display and sell their homemade food items from the cafe, once a month, at no cost. Over 50 women have already availed the opportunity since the start of the program in August 2018.
  5. Coffee Wagera provides free drinking water to customers.
  6. Coffee Wagera has a workbench with individual power/USB sockets, comfortable chairs with lower back support and correct chair/desk height to work on laptops comfortably.
  7. Coffee Wagera provides free wifi, through three different service providers (StormFiber, Zong and PTCL). You get free coffee if wifi doesn’t work for more than 30 minutes – that hasn’t happened yet since the opening on 1st April 2018.
  8. Minimum spending to avail the facilities at Coffee Wagera (workbench, power supply, free water, wifi, clean toilet etc.) is only Rs.200.
  9. Toilet at Coffee Wagera is always clean.
  10. Music playlists at Coffee Wagera are refreshed almost every week.
  11. Foreigners visiting Pakistan get free coffee with any savory item, by showing their passport.
  12. Senior citizens (aged 60 or above) get free coffee with any savory item, by showing their NIC.
  13. You get a free coffee with any savory item if it’s your birthday, by showing your NIC.
  14. Students get a 20% discount at Coffee Wagera, by showing a valid student ID.
  15. Coffee Wagera loyalty card gets you a free beverage after every seven paid beverages (of Rs.200 or above).
  16. Coffee Wagera accepts all credit cards, BOGO, Vouch365, SavYour and Big Bang.
  17. Coffee Wagera supports Special Olympics of Pakistan through donations from profits and by hiring special athletes to provide free training and part-time work opportunities.
  18. Coffee Wagera is an equal opportunities workplace where a transgender was hired and trained as a barista.
  19. Coffee Wagera provides free space for semi-private events, with free use of our computer, projector, screen and sound system, for a small spending of Rs.500 per participant. This is for up to 15 people, for up to three hours.
  20. Any group of eight or more customers can request for their own audio or video playlist – we do our best to find and play for them.
  21. Coffee Wagera allows outside food to be consumed with our coffee with few conditions: minimum spend of Rs.200 per person, not stuff that we sell at CW (so no croissants, sandwiches, wraps, cakes etc.), and you clean up before leaving.
  22. Coffee Wagera is happy to educate any customer about the history of coffee, process of making coffee or kinds of coffees through the three posters. Or even demonstrate the steps if you like to watch closely.
  23. We are happy to make some special coffees which are not on our menu (but are on that special coffee poster) e.g. Mocha Breve, Dry Cappuccino, Flat White, Doppio etc.
  24. You can bring your own mug for takeaway to save on single-use paper cups.
  25. You can bring your own milk (soya, almond etc.) for coffee if you are on a special diet.
  26. Coffee Wagera trains it’s staff in happiness and positivity, besides the usual stuff. So they are able to do that special welcome with genuine enthusiasm and provide a genuinely happy customer service.
  27. Coffee Wagera recognizes the performance of the team through monthly dinners, quarterly activities and 6-monthly awards.
  28. Coffee Wagera has a few community events that happen almost every month: Brunch Wagera, Coffee Tour, Open Mic, Kids Activity.
  29. Coffee Wagera does not engage the services of professional photography, videography, web development, graphic design, online marketing or social media – as part of the low-cost, low price strategy.
  30. Coffee Wagera has successfully concluded nice community projects since the opening eight months ago:
  • Free training for the unemployed: 1-2 week training program which makes the trainee more employable at other cafes, or work as part-timer with us. 7 people have gone through such training.
  • Training the first Deaf Barista, in collaboration with Deaf Reach.
  • Training a mental illness survivor, in collaboration with Care for Health.
  • Hosting the first meet-up of Deaf Community in collaboration with Interpreters Association of Pakistan. The owner and staff learnt some basic sign language to be able to welcome them and communicate with them about coffee.
  • Hosting the Pink Tea Party for Breast Cancer Awareness, organized by First Hand Foundation.
  • Supporting the World Heart Day, in collaboration with Cycologists.
  • Free Training/Talk during the International Happiness at Work Week.
  • Free Workshop on ‘Four Steps to Achieve Anything!’
  • Auctioning of coffee paintings by Faiza Art Gallery to support the only
  • Coffee Artist/Painter of Pakistan, who paints using coffee.

PS. Coffee Wagera and Mush Panjwani have been featured in DAWN Images, Women’s Own magazine, Hum TV, Radio Show (Chholo Aasmaan) and DAWN morning show (Chai, Toast aur Host), and are open to more exposure to inspire change. You can also support Coffee Wagera by spreading the news, or simply visiting and buying a coffee 🙂

PPS. You may watch many of Coffee Wagera events on our YouTube playlist.

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Mush is the Founder of Coffee Wagara. He has been a sales, marketing, and training expert for over 35 years; he has worked with corporates, leaders, and entrepreneurs in 20 countries. Mush is also the author of Dhinchak Life, a book about living a fantastic life!