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Chefs and Menu for Brunch Wagera 3 @ Coffee Wagera

Coffee Wagera continues to support women empowerment and entrepreneurship through these monthly ‘Brunch Wagera’ events. Home chefs get a chance to showcase and sell their food items, without any venue cost or profit share; all of us promote the event and everyone wins! 

So here’s the list of chefs selected for Brunch Wagera 3 on Sun 21st October…

First shift: 12 noon till 4pm

  1. Afsheen Asghar: Coffee Chocolate Mousse and Mixed Donuts
  2. Ayesha Wajid: Hyderabad Dum Qeema with Paratha and Luqmi
  3. Ayesha Yasin: Chicken Patties and Mutton Kababs
  4. Azra Muneer: Dahi Baray and Chicken Shami Kababs
  5. Rabia Ejaz: Mini Pizza and Mousse Cups
  6. Tayyaba Gul: Chicken Quiche and Financiers

Second Shift: 5pm till 9pm

  1. Ayesha Farooqui: Pizzonut and Brownie Pie
  2. Bakhtawar Farooqui: Chana Salad and Beef Shami Kababs
  3. Beenu Adnan: Chicken Lasagna and Chicken Boti Roll
  4. Hany Vayani: Chicken Cheese Quiche and Schezwan Dumplings (CANCELLED!)
  5. Nazia Mukaddam: Potato Salad and Exotic Salad
  6. Rabia Asad: Dahi Baray and M&M Cookies

Few things to note…

  • Everything will be Rs.200 or less per piece/portion. Customers will pay directly to the chefs they buy from. Credit cards won’t be accepted by the chefs. Coffee Wagera is not charging any venue cost or profit-sharing.
  • Expect a lot of crowd, slightly more waiting time for beverages, and perhaps no place to sit and chill at some hours. But also expect some awesome food items at very reasonable prices, an opportunity to network with foodies/chefs, and a lot of energy and excitement. 
  • Every customer will be expected to buy at least a beverage from Coffee Wagera, even if you are there just to support the chefs and sample their food. 

Please join Coffee Wagera’s mission to support women empowerment and female entrepreneurship by showing up at the event, ideally in both shifts! You may watch the video of Brunch Wagera 2 by clicking the image below:

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