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Coffee Wagera Resolution, and Recycling of Disposable Cups!

Coffee Wagera Resolution on 23rd March 2021

On this Pakistan Resolution Day, Coffee Wagera is making a resolution to be a force for good, and
make a positive impact on all the lives that we touch, the community and the country.

Our resolution towards staff members:

1. We will be kind to them and treat them with respect.
2. We will pay them on time and end their shift on time.
3. We will train them to be happy, positive and cheerful.

Our resolution towards suppliers and service providers:

4. We will never let them compromise on quality.
5. We will always pay them on time.
6. We will promote their products and services whenever there’s an opportunity

Our resolution towards customers:

7. We will be cheerful, in our welcome, order-taking, order-serving, feedback and good-bye.
8. We will give them the best experience we can – ambience, beverage/snacks, service.
9. We will take their feedback positively; accept our mistakes and correct them.

Our resolution towards franchisees:

10. We will treat them as our partners and help them grow.
11. We will provide them with the best support we can – strategy, marketing, training.
12. We will treat their feedback with as much importance, if not more, than that of customers.

Our resolution towards the community/country:

13. Provide equal opportunities workplace where all genders, religions, castes are welcome
14. Be inclusive – learn sign language, provide braille menus, cater for special needs
15. Implement low-waste, clean-city and eco-friendly practices, as much as possible
16. Encourage entrepreneurship through free training programs and workspace
17. Support local products and businesses
18. Support women empowerment
19. Support local artists and talent
20. Provide coffee education

On 23rd March 2021, we are also launching Pakistan’s first Disposable Cups Recycling Program,
in collaboration with Garbage Can:

COVID-19 and the lockdown situation has significantly increased the number of takeaway cups,
increasing waste and adding to the garbage of the city. Now you can dump your paper/plastic
cups (from any shops or restaurants) into our recycling bin. These will be collected and recycled
by Garbage Can team. We are starting at Badar and hope to roll out to all outlets, if not all cafes
and restaurants of Karachi, soon. We know most customers won’t find it easy to collect
paper/plastic cups, and bring them back, but some will do it. And every cup counts!

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