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Coffee Wagera Training Day at Bahria Town

One of Coffee Wagera rituals is to close all outlets twice a year (1st Jan and 1st Jul) and bring all staff members together for a full day of training, team bonding and fun. Here’s a highlights video from yesterday:

For the event yesterday, we chose CW-Midway (Bahria Town) which allowed the team to see the newest outlet and visit some special spots inside BTK. The program started with a chai paratha breakfast at CW-Bahadurabad at 7:30am, and a van ride t BTK, and then…

9:30-11        ‘Passion & Positivity by Mush, with a warm-up dance
11:30-1        ‘Policies and Responsibilities’ by Salman, with a game of CW Dumb Charades
1-1:30          Biryani from Nabi Noor ka Dhaba (our favorite in BTK)!
1:30-3          Team Challenge (watch the two Oscar-worthy performances in the video)
                    Latte Art session by Nabeel / ‘Order-taking’ by Sami and Arshad
3:30-5           Appreciation Mugs to leaders, presented by Mehwish and Asad Bari
                     ‘Five CW Essentials’ by Asad Bari
5-5:30           Birthday Party, chai, clean-up
5:30-6:30      BTK Tour with photo stops at Grand Mosque and Eiffel Tower

The Franchisees’ Meeting focused on strategies and guidelines related to hiring/training, marketing, events and most importantly, next round of menu enhancement.

Grateful for an awesome team of franchisees and associates who share the spirit and values of Coffee Wagera! 

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