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Five Benefits of Drinking Coffee.

By May 28, 2018May 9th, 2024No Comments

If the day doesn’t start for you until you have your first cup of coffee, then there’s good news. Go ahead and pour another cup and read over these health benefits that drinking coffee has for you!

1. It’s a rich source of antioxidants

Coffee is one of the best sources of antioxidants there is. Antioxidants like hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols have been found in coffee and these are great for your health. They’re also known for keeping some diseases away.

2. Lower your risk for type 2 diabetes

With all the processed foods filled with sugar and artificial ingredients, it’s little wonder why type 2 diabetes has been on a steady incline over the last few decades. If you drink coffee daily though, you can reduce your risk of getting it. Of course, you should avoid creamers and sweeteners to really get the maximum health benefits of drinking coffee!

3. Live longer

Coffee has been shown in quite a few studies to help you live a longer life. In fact, drinking as many as 5 cups of it might be the sweet spot that prevents you from dying before your time has come. So go ahead and have another mugful!

4. Better smiles

Despite having to whiten your teeth more frequently as a coffee drinker, researchers in Brazil found that those who drank strong black coffee daily were much less likely to have tooth decay. What’s more, it showed signs of preventing gum disease too.

5. It prevents certain diseases

Thanks to all the research done in recent years, now we know that coffee can reduce chances of or even prevent certain diseases due to the whopping content of antioxidants. And three to four cups are recommended each day for your best health.

As mentioned earlier though, in order to truly reap the health benefits in every cup of coffee you drink, you need to keep the cream, sugar and flavored syrups to the absolute minimum. Cheers to black coffee 🙂

Mush Panjwani

Mush is the Founder of Coffee Wagara. He has been a sales, marketing, and training expert for over 35 years; he has worked with corporates, leaders, and entrepreneurs in 20 countries. Mush is also the author of Dhinchak Life, a book about living a fantastic life!