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Mush Panjwani of Coffee Wagera featured by The Wire, Table Talk Society, Dawn News Morning Show (Chai, Toast aur Host), FM107 Radio Show (Brand Bolta Hai) and more!

By July 4, 2024July 5th, 2024No Comments
Mush Panjwani of Coffee Wagera in several interviews

Mush Panjwani continues to captivate and motivate the community with his entrepreneurial spirit. Recently, he has appeared on various podcasts and shows, sharing insights and inspiration from his remarkable journey, and the success story of Coffee Wagera. We have put together five posts that recently went live on different media, and hope these will inspire and motivate:

Wire Pakistan

Wire Pakistan is the local franchise of the international brand, renowned for its commitment to journalism. Through insightful storytelling and in-depth coverage, they engage their audience with national and global issues, providing a platform for diverse perspectives and meaningful conversations.

Mush Panjwani was recently interviewed by the team, and they talked about his journey from early years, his shift from employment to successful entrepreneurship, and launching Coffee Wagera as a unique coffee business in Pakistan. He also elaborated on the successful franchise model of Coffee Wagera and shared his views about the increasing competition in the coffee space:

FM107 Radio Show: Apna Karachi

FM107‘s radio show “Apna Karachi” captures the vibrant spirit and diverse essence of the city through engaging discussions and local perspectives, fostering a deeper connection with its listeners.

Mrs. Asra Jamshed Khan hosts “Brand Bolta Hai” on FM107, inviting Pakistan’s successful entrepreneurs. She invited Mush, Chief Happiness Officer, and discusses his unique role and passion for spreading happiness. He shares insights on choosing coffee as his business venture, highlighting Coffee Wagera as an ideal space appealing to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs alike:

Table Talk Society

The Table Talk Society is part of ServeEasy. They host podcasts with successful café and restaurant owners, focusing issues related to the F&B industry, particularly the use of technology.

In a podcast hosted by Mr. Abdul Moiz, Mush Panjwani discusses his inspirational journey into entrepreneurship, emphasizing his dreams and commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences at Coffee Wagera. He also elaborates on the importance of the human element in their approach, highlighting their distinctiveness on social media and other facets compared to traditional restaurants and cafes.


Heuser is an educational and learning platform that provides aptitude test preparation for local universities along with SATs and O/A Levels. They also record motivational podcasts specifically for their students, aiming to inspire and support their academic and personal development.

Hosted by Raiha Zaidi, this podcast features Mush Panjwani discussing the significance of pursuing dreams for student listeners. It explores choosing fields based on passion, emphasizes the importance of happiness and appreciating life’s small joys covering a range of topics essential for personal and academic growth. Mush also talked the story of Coffee Wagera.

Dawn News: Chai, Toast aur Host

Chai Toast or Host” is a popular morning show aired on Dawn News TV in Pakistan. It features lively discussions, interviews, and segments covering a variety of topics!

Mush Panjwani appeared on “Chai Toast or Host” on Father’s Day, sharing his insights on good parenting and his journey as a father of four, breaking conventional norms and offering fresh perspectives. He provided tips on spending quality time with children, managing stress effectively, and becoming a better parent through practical advice and personal experiences.

Few other short pieces from the show… tips for spending quality time:

Stress management for dads:

Establishing better bond with your kids:

You may read about Mush Panjwani here:

Coffee Wagera

Mush is the Founder of Coffee Wagara. He has been a sales, marketing, and training expert for over 35 years; he has worked with corporates, leaders, and entrepreneurs in 20 countries. Mush is also the author of Dhinchak Life, a book about living a fantastic life!