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Be Part of the Coffee Wagera Dream | Franchising Opportunities across Pakistan!

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Short Intro:

Coffee Wagera (CW) is a local café launched in April 2018 with a vision to become the Starbucks of Pakistan with hundreds of outlets, kiosks and coffee trucks in all major cities. CW aims to be a socially responsible organization that supports women empowerment, ecofriendly practices, minimal waste, equal opportunities, inclusiveness and whatever else it can do towards positive change.

What’s so special about CW?

We may be the only (or the first) café in Pakistan to:

  1. Support women empowerment by buying most of our snacks from female entrepreneurs, and to further support the community through our monthly ‘Brunch Wagera’ event where home chefs can get a free space to sell their snacks
  2. Hire from the transgender community, and to offer a free training program for all transgender people
  3. Have a menu in Braille for the visually impaired.
  4. Learn sign language to communicate with customers with speech/hearing impairment
  5. Say ‘no’ to plastic bottles, and provide free drinking water to all customers
  6. Implement “ten steps to reduce waste”, support clean-city and be eco-friendly
  7. Support students and startups, by providing a fully functional workbench, with individual power/USB socket for a minimum spending of just Rs.240 per day
  8. Provide three WIFI connections (and free coffee if WIFI doesn’t work)
  9. Educate customers about coffees through educational posters, illustrations/images in the menu, coffee workshops, roasting demo and more
  10. Provide low-cost franchise opportunities to promote entrepreneurship
  11. Support local artists by displaying and selling their ‘coffee paintings’ at every outlet
  12. Run innovative events like ‘Coffee Tour’ in collaboration with other cafes, ‘Brunch Wagera’ to support female entrepreneurs, Coffee Workshops to share coffee skills/knowledge, free training programs for personal development, ‘Open Mic’ to encourage new talent…
  13. Provide “happiness” training to all staff
  14. Greet every customer with the most enthusiastic “Salam Alaikum! Welcome to Coffee Wagera!”
  15. Operate a café without any kitchen/cooking
  16. Implement ‘no free beverages/snacks’ policy that applies to all owners, family members, friends, bloggers, influencers, celebrities… and everyone else who wishes to support CW
  17. Offer a 10% discount to students and senior citizens
  18. Offer free coffee to non-Pakistani visitors/tourists when they buy any snacks
  19. Offer free coffee on your birthday, when you buy any snacks
  20. Organize the first ‘Karachi Coffee Week’ in collaboration with five other cafes (Oct-2020)
  21. Have a founder with an official designation of ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ – Mush Panjwani also teaches happiness at corporates and non-profits, and is also a published author.
  22. Achieve break-even in three months; launch franchising program within a year.
  23. Launch eight locations in just over three years, including CW on Wheels
  24. Launch the first Coffee Cart in Karachi – CW on Wheels at I.I. Chundrigar Road.
  25. Have a mobile app that helps you earn points every time you buy a beverage/snack; show you the nearest locations, menu, special offers and more!
  26. Have an online store where you can buy a variety of freshly roasted coffee, home-brewing equipment and other gift items:
  27. Have an academy (Coffee Wagera Academy) that teaches barista skills, customer service, marketing, passion and positivity to the cafe/restaurant industry.

CW Franchisees

Most of them started as CW customers, then became huge fans and supporters, before investing and building their own CW franchise. We have been blessed with the most passionate and committed individuals who were able to duplicate the CW model and values from day one. Locations update:

  1. Apr 2018: CW-Badar (DHA)
  2. Sep 2019: CW-Maskan (Gulshan-e-Iqbal)
  3. Dec 2019: CW-5star (North Nazimabad)
  4. Jan 2020: CW-Bahadurabad (PECHS)
  5. Feb 2020: CW-Clifton (Clifton)
  6. Mar 2021: CWW-IIC (CW on Wheels)
  7. May 2021: CW-Autobahn (Hyderabad)
  8. June 2021: CW-Midway (Bahria Town)
  9. Planned for Mar 2022: CW-Ittehad (DHA)
  10. Planned for May 2022: CW-JoharTown (Lahore)
  11. Planned for Jun 2022: CW-GulistanJohar (Karachi)

Worth Mentioning

  • CW won the “Best Coffee Place of 2019” Award by APRA (All Pakistan Restaurant Association) which was based on public votes. The other nominees included: Bella Vita, Chatterbox, Esquires Coffee, Gloria Jean’s, Mocca and New York Coffee.
  • CW has been covered on TV (Morning Show: Chai, Toast aur Host), Radio (Choo Lo Aasman), DAWN Magazine, Fuschia Magazine and many online news/lifestyle portals.

Coffee Wagera – Where The Coffee Is Epic, But The Wagera Is Where It’s At!

  • Mush Panjwani was interviewed by HeartCount, an organization in Denmark working on employee happiness, about CW initiatives in making the country better.
  • Recent article in DAWN News, covered CW on Wheels:

Some of the CW Rituals

  • Eid: Outlets closed on the first day of both Eids. On the second day, staff comes in national/Eid clothing.
  • New Year’s Eve: Outlets closed by 6pm
  • 1st January and 1st July: Outlets closed for staff training/outing
  • 14th August: Staff recites the national anthem outside the outlets.
  • Moharram: No music for 10 days; outlets closed on 10th Moharram
  • During times of natural disasters e.g. rain, flooding, COVID-19, staff safety will take priority over sales/profits.

About the Founder: Mush Panjwani

  • Mush has been a successful sales trainer and motivational speaker for over 30 years. Mush has worked with corporates, entrepreneurs, leaders and sales teams in 20 countries across Asia Pacific.
  • Mush is a certified “Happiness at Work” trainer from Woohoo (Denmark)
  • Mush is the author of “Dhinchak Life” – a book about living a fantastic life
  • Mush has 34 years of work experience in Pakistan, Hong Kong and UAE
    • 11 years with Universal Educational Systems, Pakistan: Recruitment, training and managing of sales teams for Collier’s Encyclopedia, Time Life Books and Encyclopedia Britannica across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. (1986-1997)
    • 16 years with Time Life Asia, Hong Kong. Building, training and managing direct sales distributors in 19 countries across Asia Pacific. (1997-2013)
    • 5 years with Learning Time, UAE. While simultaneously managing own training/consulting company Dinchack in Hong Kong. (2013-17)
    • 2 years of freelance training for corporates and non-profits in Pakistan. (2018-19)
  • Mush moved to Pakistan at the end of 2017 to pursue two dreams: build a coffee shop chain, and introduce ‘happiness training’ at corporates and institutes in Pakistan.
  • More about Mush at 

CW Management Team

  • Mush Panjwani – Founder & Chief Happiness Officer
  • Salman Raza – General Manager & Franchising Manager
  • Daniyal Andani – Finance & Admin Manager
  • Rameez Suleman – Design & Branding Manager

If you have read this far, you might want to watch a few short videos by Mush about Coffee Wagera.

Franchising Requirements

  • 100% time commitment, at least for the first 6 months
  • Passion for coffee, customer service, and social entrepreneurship
  • Required investment


Franchising Fee PKR              2,500,000
Estimated setup cost PKR      3,500,000
Total investment PKR              6,000,000

Locations available in Karachi: Malir, IIC and Saddar for outlets. Dolmen Mall (Tariq Road) and Atrium Mall for kiosks. And everywhere outside Karachi.

Please feel free to contact us through our facebook page to set up a meeting to discuss about franchising opportunities.

Coffee Wagera

Mush is the Founder of Coffee Wagara. He has been a sales, marketing, and training expert for over 35 years; he has worked with corporates, leaders, and entrepreneurs in 20 countries. Mush is also the author of Dhinchak Life, a book about living a fantastic life!